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Single Origin and Blends

Single Origin (Varietals)

Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and Sumatra are all examples of countries which produce coffee. The coffee, used by itself, is referred to as a varietal or single origin coffee. Combinations of these varietals become coffee blends. Single origin varietals can be purchased under the "Coffees of the World" tab in our online shop.

Coffee Blends

Blends are a combination of two or more single origin varieties of coffee. Some blends like Mocha Java or Breakfast Blend are famous and the names are used by many roasters, but we take pride in combining the different characteristics of beans for our version of every blend for a satisfying cup. Elements such as the degree of roast, number of different single origins and percentages of different coffees added are all taken into account. Blending is an art, not a science. At Alakef Coffee Roasters, we take the art of blending very seriously and have spent many hours perfecting our blends.

Our signature blend, Alakef Blend is universally popular. A blend, such as our exclusive Espresso Primo, is one of our biggest sellers and truly unique to Alakef Coffee Roasters. We enjoy many referrals to our full line of coffees once people try our coffee and want more!

Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffees typically start as a varietal with a flavoring added after the roasting process is complete. Our most popular flavor is Highlander Grogg. Flavored coffees appeal to those who may want to enjoy flavor without all the sugar or calories in their brewed coffee.

Note: NEVER use a flavored coffee to make espresso. The flavoring will wreak havoc on the equipment, not to mention the flavor will linger in the other shots. Alakef has over 30 flavors available, in both regular and decaffeinated options.