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World Coffee Regions

Single Origin Coffee Regions of the World

Coffee is grown around the world, generally between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (with the exception of Australia). By buying from most coffee growing continents, Alakef Coffee Roasters guarantees you a taste to suit your palate. In each region, we select estates that meet our specific quality criteria

Categorizing Coffee

With 21 coffee producing countries and hundreds of regions within these countries, several different kinds of Arabica coffee are available. Coffees from one country are known as varietals or single origin. Examples of some single origin coffees are Colombian, Costa Rican, Mexican, and Kenyan.

Coffees might be named by the region where it grows, the grade of the bean, the growing conditions, or even the individual estate where the coffee was grown.

Some examples of this are: Costa Rican Tarrazu (region); Kenya AA (grade of bean); Mexican Altura (altitude of the coffee)