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About Alakef

Alakef Coffee Roasters was born out of a passion for coffee and our search for the "perfect cup"!

In the 1980’s, finding a great, satisfying, cup of coffee wasn’t easy. We decided that the solution was to acquire a small home roaster and roast our own coffee.

While buying the green Arabica beans from a small local roaster, we began experimenting with the art of roasting at home for a few years. The love of this craft triggered our desire to start a roasting company. In 1990, we created Alakef Coffee Roasters in the basement of an old school by the lake in Duluth, MN. As demand for our specialty coffees grew, so did our need for employees and a new building. In May of 2000, Alakef Coffee moved into our current home on Superior Street in Duluth.

Great care and attention to detail goes into everything our company does. Before any coffee is purchased, all of our coffees are sampled and cupped by everyone on our staff. We buy many quality organic, shade-grown and certified Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade coffees. Alakef provides our customers with the highest quality selection and variety of coffees as we can, while reinforcing our commitment to the coffee farmers, the environment, and sustainability. We are a USDA organic certified facility.

We service coffee houses, shops and restaurants throughout the Midwest. We have also made our wide selection of coffees available to everyone through our online store. We currently ship to customers throughout the United States from coast to coast.

Roasting specialty coffee is a craft, a fine art. Coffee beans from different regions require different care when roasting. By sampling (or cupping) coffees daily and roasting to order, Alakef ensures quality, consistency and freshness with every cup. Our experience and personal attention goes into every batch of Alakef Coffee.

We personally guarantee all of our coffee and appreciate your support and feedback. So sit back, take a sip and enjoy!


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