We appreciate your interest and hope you will choose to join the Alakef family of wholesale coffee purchasers soon!

Alakef Coffee is loved by many, but in order to purchase coffee at wholesale cost, you must be a business entity and provide a business tax ID number.

We will also ask for your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and a signed credit reference form, with 3 references to qualify for NET15 terms. Another option is to continue a COD status and pay by check for each order after your credit references have been approved.

The minimum purchase requirement, in order to be a wholesale account, is 20 pounds per month. This will be reviewed monthly after 60 days and if the minimum is not met, we will notify you that your account status will be changed to a retail basis.

Call us at (800) 438-9228 when you have your information ready and we will be happy to get your review started, or email us to submit your information. Please plan for about 1-2 weeks for credit references to be returned and reviewed.

Office Coffee

If you don’t quite qualify for a wholesale account, but you know your office or group will order a larger amount of coffee on a regular basis, the Office Coffee Program may be of interest. We have several “case” quantities of coffee, priced for purchase in bulk. Just let us know what option you like and how often you would like us to ship it. It’s that easy.

Here are two examples:
1) 4 -12oz. packages of Alakef Blend and 2 -12 oz. packages of Alakef Decaf OR…

2) 3-12 oz. packages of Certified 100% Organic Breakfast Blend and 3-12 oz. packages of Certified 100% Organic French Roast

We roast and ship the same day, so one of these packs could arrive every week or every other week, it is up to you!


Alakef has a terrific program set up for groups and schools who want to raise money for their organization by selling our popular Alakef Coffee, Harney & Sons teas and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. Selections from our most popular products are provided and since we have such a great following, it makes it easy to sell. You collect your orders, combine them, submit the summary sheet total to us and (depending on the volume) we ship within a week so you can deliver delicious, aromatic, freshly roasted coffee to your generous supporters!

If your group is interested, provide us with your group and coordinator’s contact information.